Saturday, August 18, 2007

More of the Birthday girl!

Eventhough the B-day girl didn't want her day to end, it did. She was blessed this year, she got so many things. She's still missing Mary Jayne's card, and my MIL's gift. I'm hoping that tomorrow she gets them because she's a bit sad cause of that. I took a few pictures of the smallest party ever! She's okay with it, I was going to do a chucky cheeses, but we had a setback. I will take her to chucky cheeses later on. (The smallest child in the pics is my niece the rest is are all mine, yea even that dh) :O Notice how the cake got a bit disheveled, well it was the lid, okay that's my story and I'm sticking to it! ;O)


Kim said...

WOW she made out like a bandit! My boys love the moon sand! You hubby doesn't look to happy in that photo???? Looks like your dd had a great Birthday even if it was a small group!

Mary Jayne said...

Wow Beatle... I'm glad you got so much stuff!!! I'll see you tomorrow!