Saturday, August 18, 2007


Okay well I'm really running low on ideas of pictures, so I took a picture of this silly poster my dh has posted over at his game room :O WEIRD!! So this was taken 2 years ago, when I first started college, and I made it to all state. The community college made it a big deal, and got us to pose. What a mistake for this picture surrounded the newspapers for many months! How dull!! I was so embarrassed. Okay so these are the people:
Back Row from Left to right
Mr. Compean, Curly (drummer), President of the college Dr. Dovolina
Front Row from Left to right
Jerry (tenor sax)
Myrna ;o) (clarinet)
Tiffany (clarinet)
*I'm not at that college now, but I sure miss these folks! I did make it to state the second year, but I had to regretfully resign my position because I had to move to the University. It broke my heart to make this decision, but I had to move on.
Okay no more sad times, out with the old and in with the new!!!! I start a new semester on Monday, so I'll have more pics to post, YAY!!
BTW, sorry about the poor resolution on this shot, It was a tough one.


Kim said...

OMG how cool is that! I love that! You should be so proud!!!!

Mary Jayne said...

How come I haven't seen this???? I love it!!! I didn't know there was a poster... you do know that I still have the newspaper clipping stuck to my fridge with a monkey magnet!!!