Sunday, August 24, 2008

Diaper Cake

My sister and I made this to give away as a gift at a baby shower. We have bigger ideas for our next cake project. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

This picture does not look very well because I used my little camera that I carry around in my purse (Silly little Nikon). I will re-take the picture with my big un (Nikon), when I get the card back. I was hired to make more invites, but this time it's for a baby shower. I just did a few examples, and this one was my favorite one. I will post the finished product when I'm done, and when the customer decides which one they want.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Post-it Holder

I saw a tutorial at the shack on how to make a coaster post-it holder. I thought it looked like so much fun, and it was. I know for sure that I will be making many of these to give out to my friends and family. Super cute and fun project.

Music ATC

I'm hosting my first swap over at the shack. The theme is Music, and here is my take.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's been a long time!

So today I felt like crafting a bit, and instead of the usual stamping I started doing some paper crafting. So here they are a paper pinwheel and a paper box.

Monday, January 21, 2008


I just noticed after I posted a million pics, that my crafting area/room is a complete mess!! And to be honest, I bet it'll stay that way until spring break. I won't have time to clean anything up anymore. If anyone wants to help clean up, by all means!! Mary Jayne? You wanna come clean it? hahahaha! I know urs is just about the same. Anyone out there have their craft area clean? I want some PROOF!!! Kim......Pascuale......Ethel......Chrisite.....Erica (sheriff).....anyone???

Altered candy tin

Made this one for a friend. It's for a musician that likes chocolates. Then again who doesn't like chocolates? ;o) For some reason my pictures came out YELLOWISH again, I should have used my big Nikon, but I was too lazy.

I should be studying and practicing, but I just can't get back in the groove. I know for sure i'll get back this week. BUT I DON'T WANT TO!! What a big baby I've become!! hahahaha!!!

Valentine Mailboxes

I was actually asked to make these. I am extremely nervous because as you all know I don't do this for a living. I only do stuff for fun. These were made to sell. OUCH!! I hope I don't disappoint them. I'll find out soon enough.

Saby's Frap bottle!!

Recipe 6x6 Layout for a friend

It's a secret I can't tell you all who it's for, but I will once the person gets it ;o) BTW, The Chef is not orange looking in real life, and the recipe is a chicken recipe hence the chickens. The recipe is hidden and may be pulled out thru the lower right hand side by pulling the tabs. Complicated I know, but all my recipes usually are. Since I don't cook, I tend to forget that easy is better in the kitchen.

Trying out my little Nikon

The musicians, and of course we all need a little drinkie pooh once in a while ;o)

Monday, December 31, 2007

My X-Mas 2007

1st pic - the girls and I, G, I'm getting old!
2nd- My x-mas goodies, it turned out to be another fabulous year!
3rd- Barefoot Santa and I ;o) What a gorgeous little man, then again what can I say, I'm the proud aunt.
4th- Mary Jayne's balls! I love to watch her make these, she's a perfectionist! Well I do love to watch her do just about anything, she's just one amazing lady and I'm proud to call her my bestest friend ever!
5th- Oh GAWD, could I look any worse playing this darn addicting Guitar Hero!

Friday, December 21, 2007


And I thought I had the best X-Mas present ever!! Darn! I spoke too soon! Look at what my little sister got!! Bummer for me! hehehe!!! Sister enjoy your new toy, and know that I'm extremely proud of you and all your accomplishments! You grew up to be everything I hoped for, you make me feel accomplished! I know dad is looking down on you with his huge Bustamante smile! Our smile! You know I sure love that smile! Thank Goodness we all have it! hahaha!! All we have to do is smile to remember him! Now let's go cruising ;o) hehehe!

BTW, is that my bocho next to her amazing new ride? hahaha it sure is!!! Someone has named my car el bocho and it sounds rather funny to me!! WTF is a bocho anyways? Is that some sort of sweet bread? beats me, but it sure is funny! hahaha!!

It's a good day today!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

IT'S HERE!! I'm extremely happy!

My X-Mas present is finally here!!! My dh bought it for me, and I already played with it! It's a DreamKutz by Zutter, the best thing ever, well not really but you gals KWIM ;o) Hehehehehe!! Who cares!!! We have to have it all don't we ;o) Anyhoo, everyone got upset cause I opened it, except for me that is ;o) hahaha!!! Sore losers! I LOVE IT!! Money well spent!! I'm going to use this a lot!! Now to the shack to see if I can enter any ATC swaps ;o) hehehe!! Look out girls, here comes Myrna!!!