Monday, January 21, 2008

Recipe 6x6 Layout for a friend

It's a secret I can't tell you all who it's for, but I will once the person gets it ;o) BTW, The Chef is not orange looking in real life, and the recipe is a chicken recipe hence the chickens. The recipe is hidden and may be pulled out thru the lower right hand side by pulling the tabs. Complicated I know, but all my recipes usually are. Since I don't cook, I tend to forget that easy is better in the kitchen.


Kim H. said...

Awww this is awesome! I love it!

Mary Jayne said...

This is gonna be so nice... he's going to love it!!! I can hardly wait to finish it up and give it to him... too bad I didn't have as many participants as I expected!! That's ok too, it's at times like this that one really appreciates bff's, besides what are big sisters for.... Thanks for participating and helping me out! Again, he's gonna love it!!!

laurensmom said...

oh i love that fat chef!