Thursday, December 20, 2007

IT'S HERE!! I'm extremely happy!

My X-Mas present is finally here!!! My dh bought it for me, and I already played with it! It's a DreamKutz by Zutter, the best thing ever, well not really but you gals KWIM ;o) Hehehehehe!! Who cares!!! We have to have it all don't we ;o) Anyhoo, everyone got upset cause I opened it, except for me that is ;o) hahaha!!! Sore losers! I LOVE IT!! Money well spent!! I'm going to use this a lot!! Now to the shack to see if I can enter any ATC swaps ;o) hehehe!! Look out girls, here comes Myrna!!!


Kim H. said...

Sweet- ok what does it do? Glad you are so happy with your Christmas gift!

pescbrico said...

Enjoy your new toy! :)
Cannot wait to see what you will do with it!

Mary Jayne said...

I didn't know you had already gotten it! I wondered if it was here yet... did you tell me? Oh well have fun! Maybe you did tell me!!! Yes, I think you did!!!