Friday, December 21, 2007


And I thought I had the best X-Mas present ever!! Darn! I spoke too soon! Look at what my little sister got!! Bummer for me! hehehe!!! Sister enjoy your new toy, and know that I'm extremely proud of you and all your accomplishments! You grew up to be everything I hoped for, you make me feel accomplished! I know dad is looking down on you with his huge Bustamante smile! Our smile! You know I sure love that smile! Thank Goodness we all have it! hahaha!! All we have to do is smile to remember him! Now let's go cruising ;o) hehehe!

BTW, is that my bocho next to her amazing new ride? hahaha it sure is!!! Someone has named my car el bocho and it sounds rather funny to me!! WTF is a bocho anyways? Is that some sort of sweet bread? beats me, but it sure is funny! hahaha!!


Kim H. said...

Sweet ride for your sister! I hope she enjoys it!

Mary Jayne said...

There is no definition for "bocho" at! I'm glad Reldi is doing good... her new truck sure is nice... I wish could afford to run one!!!