Friday, August 17, 2007

DD's Birthday!

Today is my dd's birthday! Yup she turns the big "7" she's just as happy as can be. My sister and BIL gave her this awesome drum set for her b-day. It has snares, drums, a mini keyboard, cymbols, and a headphone with mic. YUP she can sing, and practice to real music. She can also hear it in silence, Thank GOD!! She also loves to play guitar! I'm so proud of her, looks like she'll be taking after her mommie after all. I love the look in her face in that second picture, I've seen many drummers before and they all make that face, YAY!! The oldest dd wanted nothing to do with MUSIC :crying mother: (she wants sports), but it's their dreams, and I'm here to support them in whatever they decide!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday to her! I hope she has a wonderful day! She is so darn cute! Love how she is rocking out! What a great gift!

Mary Jayne said...

Hey Beatly sorry I missed your birthday... I kept calling your mommy so I could come over and take you your card, but she never answered the phone... I promise I'll take it to you tomorrow!!!

Love you,
Mary Jayne