Friday, August 17, 2007


This is my dh's old party house by the lake! I used to love it when we were dating, but now I think it's a weird old house. It just gives me the creeps. It sure is old! I shot an angle because I was freaking out in there. I remember that house used to be extremely cold during the winter, but now it sure is HOT as H3LL :o) We celebrate easter there every year since we've been married (that makes it 14years), I usually stay outdoors! Us menopausal women need our air if not we tend to get cranky ;o)


Kim said...

I love the brick- so neat! I wish I had a fire place!

Mary Jayne said...

OMG... I haven't been there since you know when with you know who!!! I feel like crying!! How time flies and only memories remain!!!