Thursday, August 16, 2007


Took this picture of a Nopal, and I believe these buds are called _ _ _ _. If anyone can come up with the real name I will send you a little blog candy ;o) Make sure you give me your email. If I have many answering, then I will turn it into a raffle type of deal (which I doubt, I usually only get one or two faithful readers). This little game will end on Sunday August 19, 2007. Good luck, and start researching!

BTW, this picture is a little odd, I hadn't noticed that spider until I uploaded it to my computer. If I'd of known about that bitsy spider, rest assured this game would not be taking place!! GROSS!! I hate spiders!!


Ijsbeer said...

That was hard! Impossible for me. I closest I found was Opuntia but I believe that its just the Spanish name. I did find its orginal name: tenochtitlán Lol.

I am posting anyway because I wanted to say that after searching and finding all the recipies I now what to find it and make something!

I hate spiders too but I have grown used to them. I live in the cellar part of the house so there are lot of spiders in my bedroom and bathroom. Luckly they are not any dangerous ones in Norway:)

Kim said...

I have no clue what it is but it is a beautiful photo! I do know that!

Sam loves the spider on it! He has lots of spider photos on his wall!
ha ha ha!

Rachel....ROCKS!!!! said...

Prickly pear sista....prickly a tasty fruit actually....

Mary Jayne said...
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Mary Jayne said...

Yes, I remember these... In our border (US to MEXICO) area, these are known as tunas... I remember my mom and grandma eating these!!

"prickly pear = Indian fig = Indian pear = barbary fig = tuna = cactus pear Notes: The pulp of these cactus fruits is a brilliant red or, occasionally, a yellowish green, and it tastes a bit like watered-down watermelon. Cooks exploit the color by adding slices of the pulp to fruit salads, or by puréeing it and straining out the seeds. They're quite popular in Hispanic countries and around the Mediterranean."