Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Just a few images I shot today.
1. The Monterrey (hopefully one of these days I turn this shack into something productive, any ideas? BTW, this is where I had my bachelorette party, YAHOO did we party hardy ;o)
2. Sunset at Beacon Harbor Lodge, in Zapata, TX.
3. This is for my good friend Mary Jayne, she wanted to know how much gas was today.
4. These are the lockers I promised Mary Jayne for when I finish my scrapbooking room, hahahaha I'm sure she'll be thrilled!!! hahaha, Mary just kidding, you know I love ya!! Yours will be brand spanking new ;o)


Jason Sampson said...

can you email me at in regards to your question on my blog

thank you have a nice day


Kim said...

OMG- I love all the photos! Just a great down home feeling to them! I would take those to lockers with the numbers on them! They are way cool!

Mary Jayne said...

I have some lockers in my garage... what a great idea!!!
Gas has already gone up since you took that pix... I love your sunset.

Last but not least and my favorite place of all times... IMO...that should be the Chateau, like your daddy named it not the Monterrey!!! I sure do miss that place and old times... had too much fun, drank too many beers in there!!!