Monday, November 26, 2007

There is a God!

I've been sort of sad ever since last year when my oldest daughter refused to be in band. With me being a music major I just thought she'd follow in my footsteps. NOT! I think I burned her out with all those piano and violin lessons. Anyways,last night I noticed that my little dd, is not only a music lover, but she likes to compose her own songs. I know this song sounds familiar, but it's only one of the many she's made up. To top it off, she sings along with her drums. I'm one happy camper!! Plus the drums have become one of my favorite instruments. Mama is a happy camper!! YAY!! Too bad she's only 7, I won't know for sure until she's 12!


pescbrico said...

I'm happy for you! :) I miss chating with you. I just don't have much time anymore but does not mean I'm forgeting about you :) Have a great day!

Kim H. said...

awww that is a great song! Love the she loves the drums- I wanted to play them when I was in middle school! Now I want to learn to play the piano!