Saturday, September 8, 2007


My messy drawer! I have all sorts of things in there! And did I really drink all that coke, YES!! I was one thirsty marvin ;o) OMG, and what I mess I have there on my dresser! Sweet Lord, even I want to divorce myself, I wonder how my dh puts up with me ;o) Anyhoo, i'm already drinking my gallons of water! I can sure intake tons of liquids when I'm manuvering in the sun. BTW, I will have to post a pic of myself to show how dark I've become!! OH DEAR!!! Mary Jayne assures me I will get lighter again, but I have my doubts, and i'm hysterical because of that!!! I hate to be dark!! Someone help me!!! I hate marching band!!! Hate it.....hate it....Hate it!!!!


Mary Jayne said...

We've spent so much of our lives together in the last 24 years that we're almost related. Your drawer looks like mine and so do the stacks of cans! LOL

Kim- hutchink :) said...

WOW that sort of looks like my drawers minus the cans! I hardly ever drink soda!