Sunday, September 2, 2007


Here is my tropical swap, and since it's been raining out and I have basically run out of ideas I am using my card as my photo of the day, after all a picture is a picture right? It better be alright! I'm a woman on the verge, because I've gained so much weight it's pathetic!!!! So choose your words carefully, I might snap ;o) BTW, the card seems to be missing something, no clue!! Too bad, this fat marvin has run out of idears entirely!!!!


Kim- hutchink :) said...

I love it- the only thing it is missing is me sitting on the beach looking at it with you- of course while we are having a couple of ritas!

pescbrico said...

Myrna, the only thing I see missing on this card is the head of the woman! lol it's really nice this way!