Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Card and Pencil holder

I made this card, but I messed it up a bit, it wasn't dried yet and I smeared it to H3LL. Anyways, I used my new stamp set that I bought over at they are AWESOME! The set was designed by our very own Shackie owner "sherry" So head on over there, and buy yourself a set before she runs out. BTW, the set is very reasonable in price.

The pencil holder I cased off from the SU stampin success. I made it for my sister since she's a teacher, and likes to have extra pencils. I need to make her several of these, let's hope I follow thru ;o) Please forgive my fuzzy photos I'm still using my dd's little sony. Mine is still at TAMIU in my locker :(

1 comment:

Kim said...

Love the cupcake card! It looks so yummy with that m&m tag on it! I love m&m's!

The pencil holders is so cute! She is going to love it! Awesome job!!!!