Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Okay so I will now tell you about my catastrophe of the decade! I wanted to try out my hand at baking, well OH DEAR! I think I should refrain from the kitchen from now on.

1. Mixing the batch (no biggie, or so I thought!)

2. First batch ( TRAGEDY)

3. Second batch ( aww, so....so...!)

4. The aftermath (P.S. A HORROR!)

5. A different view of the horror!

Apparently I needed to wait for them to cool! ha ha ha!! So now my dh is making his batch. When he completes his I will post a picture.


Kim said...

I think you order mixed it- you want a few lumps in it! You do not want it lump free...ha ha ha!


Mary Jayne said...

You need to frost them when after they've cooled!!... Cool pictures though!!!