Thursday, July 26, 2007

Assignment 2 Photos

These are supposed to be photos of any angle. We were to take pics of subject from far, near, behind, top, etc...I had the most trouble with these photos, and I'm still not happy with them. Please feel free to make any comments!

1st Picture I used a Triangular Method

2nd Picture I used the method of thirds

3rd picture is just the circle method
*Pictures taken with my Nikon D80


running on ink said...

Your DD is so stinking cute! Love all the pictures....I think the one of your DD would have been better if she was not totally sideways..but then maybe that would not be right for the assignment. The First one is nice with the angel of the instrument..of course I like that it has the pen I made you in it too! The Middle one is my favorite- I think the rose looks it is floating in air- the soften edges of it really makes it pop!

Wonderful work- you are inspiring me to give photograph a try!


Nancyroo said...

I think both sets look great! TFS!